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Updated: May 25, 2020

Hi, my name is Elina and I’m the owner of Kanelli Accessories jewelry store!

Already in my teenage years I started making jewelry for myself from various sewing accessories my mom had at home. During the studies this activity was set aside. At the beginning of my first serious job, my colleague became fascinated with jewelry making from various gemstone beads and I started to get interested in it too. I learned all through self-study on the internet. At first, I worked with different types of beads, later with leather, but as I got older and my sense of style changed too, I started to use gold plated materials for jewelry making in a minimalist style, because I like neutral jewelry. I also often wear my own created jewelry.

I wanted to make a brand more personal and meaningful for me telling a story. That is how the store's name "Kanelli" came from - it is created as a mix from my grandmother's surname and my name.

Every customer's purchase makes me excited especially when I hear that specific “cha-ching” sound of the Etsy app and grateful at the same time to have the support from you doing what makes me happy!

Best wishes,


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