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Do you wear rings? Or the only ones who decorate your fingers are engagement and marriage rings? There are some great designs now available in the range of rings that are definitely worth our attention and if you have not worn the rings so far, some delicate and simple design rings will probably change your mind.

When it comes to rings they can be divided into two main groups - rings with and without stones. And you can wear ring individually on one or each finger and also stack multiple rings on for a really delightful look!

Rings without stones will fit as a simple and discreet accent, but at the same time will be a great addition to the look:

- minimalist style ring from Irresistibly minimal

- personalized ring with a name of your choice by Grace personalized

- this statement ring from Happines Btq can be worn with casual and formal outfits

There are used treated and untreated (raw) stones in rings. Nowadays the most popular are the raw stones, where multiple rings are stacked on one finger:

- a small stone ring for romantic souls from Tiny Box Jewelry

- multi-stone ring, especially suitable for stacking by Danibarbe shop

Treated stones are always stands out by their special radiance and luxurious appearance:

- Swarovski crystal ring with adjustable size from Kanelli Accessories

- personalized birthstone rings from Danique jewelry

Excited to see more? Find your perfect ring at in this way supporting all the small business owners.

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