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Behind the scenes of making jewelry

Have you ever wondered how jewelry you purchased have been made? Or who did it?Customers usually does not see that part of the process but as a small shop owner & jewelry creator I can show you how your ordered necklace is made.

All necklaces from Kanelli Accessories is made to order. It mean that I don't have any ready made necklace at my shop. As I receive an order I create it especially for you my dear customer by your choice of length & other features if offered.

In this 20 sec video you can see what happens after you have completed your purchase on my Etsy shop:

Next fun part as handmade jewelry shop owner is jewelry & order packaging. My goal is to make my customer feel like having a gift and do unpacking an exciting moment! Also I try to use as much as possible materials that decomposes in the environment (like paper). Only plastic I use is a bubble wrap inside mailing envelope.

In this 15 sec video you can see the packaging process of jewelry from Kanelli Accessories:

Have your ever bought handmade jewelry or made a purchase on Etsy? It's not only fun experience but also you receive unique products by supporting small shops.

Welcome to visit Kanelli Accessories!

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