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Mini hoop earrings

Seems like every fashion blogger and influencer has a wide set of small hoop earrings. It's such an accessory trend lately! They look good on everyone and fits with almost all outfits. You can choose bigger or smaller hoop, with or without a charm and even mix and match them as you wish.

Small hoops has that privilege to make a cool addition to your outfit and are great for any style and occasion.

Small hoop earrings with charms don’t draw a lot of attention but add a certain character to the look and will never go out of style.

Do you have a pair of small hoops? Are they with or without charms?

Beautiful Amber wearing hoops with tiny charms from Kanelli Accessories (check Amber's Instagram account @ _amber_smilee)

You can find a lot of small hoop earrings at Kanelli Accessories jewelry store. Just click here and choose your pair!

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