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Best necklaces for men

When it comes to jewelry, mainly all talk about women. But men also have worn jewelry for a long time ago. Jewelry was used by early civilizations to symbolize wealth and power or to express religious beliefs.

Men's jewelry is usually more massive and thicker than women's, often in silver or dark colors. In men's jewelry you will often see used semiprecious stones, metal, leather or cotton cords.

If necklaces for men are with pendants they usually are on a simple style metal chain or leather cord. In men's jewelry are used various types of masculine medallions as pendants, most commonly antique, Celtic and tribal style pendants and coins, geometric shapes, various animals such as tigers, wolves and bulls, as well as crosses, arrows, horns and skulls, symbolic pendants that reminds adventures like anchors and compasses.

In this blog post there are selected some of the best necklaces worth your attention to complement the look and express man’s own unique style. It will be as a great gift idea guide too.

1) Classic and simple necklaces without pendants:

These style of necklaces will add an attractive touch to your everyday look:

- thick metal chains from Intoxi Q

- beaded necklace from G Natus

- simple leather cord necklace by Sepia Tree

2) Neutral cord necklaces with pendant:

Still more classic look but with some wild accent to spice up your outfit:

- leather cord necklace with little accent from T Line

- custom engraved round pendant necklace by Engrave it now 07

- circle concrete pendant necklace from Baara Jewelry

3) Metal chain necklaces with personalized pendants:

Make your own necklace with special sentimental meaning that's always with you:

- cross necklace from iPersonalize Designs

- bar pendant necklace from Bruno Bijoux

- zodiac and initial tag pendant necklace by Green River Studio

4) Necklaces with medallions and figures:

These type of necklaces adds character to a basic T-shirt and jeans for a stylish look:

- triangle pendant necklace from We are all Smith

- pendant with wolf head from By Silver Stone

- coin pendant necklace from Intoxi Q

5) Beaded pendant necklaces for men:

For men who already feel confident wearing noticeable necklaces:

- jasper mala necklace from Black Stones Store

- tassel necklace from Nomad Accessories Etsy

- onyx necklace with massive cross from Mia Patrino

6) Celtic and tribal style pendant necklaces:

For all the wild souls out there! This style reminds a bit of "Caribbean pirates" and Johnny Depp:

- wood bead necklace with horn pendant by Hagar Talmor

- Nordic pagan style pendant necklaces from Jewelry by Coco Flower

- Celtic style infinity pendant necklace from Witch Jewelry Shop

- vintage arrow pendant necklace by Deep blue legend

Do you wear necklaces? Let me know in the comment section below.

Find the perfect necklace at by supporting all the small business owners.

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