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Goodbye statement earrings, hello small charm ear-huggies!

Have you noticed that big statement earrings are not in the game anymore? Now it’s all about simplicity - delicate and minimalist style earrings are newest trend starting from studs, mini hoops and small dangles.

Earrings decorated with small charms are the most loved among women, especially when it comes to hoop earrings. There are a lot of options and variations to choose from like geometric charms, celestial charms, animal and nature themed charms, medallions and amulets, religious and gemstone charms.

Here are some great selections from a few of charm types I mentioned above:

1) Celestial charms

Most popular and loved style of charms by adding a lovely character to the look:

- moon charm dangle earrings with delicate freshwater pearls by Toba Brighton

- hoops with sun charms decorated with cubic zirconia crystals from Kanelli Accessories

2) Gemstone (or crystal, glass) charms

Stone charms are perfect for more sophisticated and classic look:

- beautiful handmade dangles with aquamarine from Aris Heartmade Jewelry

- earrings with pink circle glass charms from Claire Hill Designs

3) Geometric charms

More neutral charms will fit with most outfits and occasions:

- spice up your look with spike charm earrings from Kanelli Accessories

- round charm hoops for more avant-garde look by Miss Audrey Jewellery

4) Animal and nature charms

These are definitely the must for all the nature lovers and free souls:

- sea inspired set of charm earrings from Koid Azur

- fruity and summer inspired selection of charms from Ephemere shop

5) Amulet charms

Jewelry with meaning - not just as an accessory only but for symbolic protection from evil:

- hamsa hand charm hoops from Kukee UK

- evil eye charm hoops with cubic zirconia crystals by Kanelli Accessories

What kind of earrings do you prefer to wear?

Find your new earrings at Kanelli Accessories and other jewelry sellers at by supporting all the small business owners!

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